Paris & Chrysovalantou – Wedding in Chios

ΠΑΤΗΣΤΕ ΕΔΩ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΕΚΔΟΣΗ We feel so blessed , when we capture couples from the most distant locations of the earth that come to Greece to get united...
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Giuseppe & Evi – Wedding in Lesvos

ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΕΚΔΟΣΗ ΕΔΩ "The best come where you least expect it ...". This is the phrase that comes to mind when we think of the wedding moments of Giuseppe and...
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Alexis & Eirini – Winter Wedding in Mytilini

It was the most beautiful way for us and the best closing of the previous year!   We really enjoyed being part of this beautiful celebration! In every moment, in...
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Michalis & Christina – Wedding in Chios island

When you do this job and you live between thousands of clicks, clicks that mean beautiful moments of some people, you realize how lucky you are , because you are...
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We like it so much, when we do photo sessions with lovely couples before their wedding. We think that's very important in our relationship with the couples to feel comfortable...
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Giorgos & Eleni – Wedding in Chios – Photoshoot in Santorini

It's been a month that we visited Chios for the Wedding of Giorgos and Eleni. The memories are so many, and the emotions of this day even more, along with...
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Charalambos & Xeni – A sweet Maternity photoshoot ♥

The baby's arrival in the family is one of the most beautiful, tender and important moments in a couple's life. Each day during the pregnancy period is a new experience...
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Giannis & Mary – Wedding in Lesvos

He was definitely the most crazy Groom of 2017 ! And it was definitely one of the most beautiful and beloved couples of the same year !!! 🙂 Giannis and...
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Pantelis & Aggeliki – Wedding in Chios island

We are always so happy when couples from other parts of Greece invite us to cover their beautiful moments. The beautiful and neighboring island of Chios is an every-year destination...
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