Bwino & Kim

Wedding in Kefallonia


When I started taking pictures, I never expected that there will be couples from all around the world , that would do everything they could , to have me as their photographer in one of the most important days of their lives … And when this is happening, I really feel so blessed and so happy …
That’s how I felt , with so much joy , when I read the first email from Bwino and Kim, two guys from Holland that had their wedding planned for September to the beautiful island of Kefalonia …
The joy was even more when Kim wrote to me that she is also a Wedding photographer in Holland, and , as you understand , when recognition comes from colleagues ,you feel definately important and very honored.
Mail by mail, I realized that I would love to work with these guys, there was a good chemistry in our communication, which is the most important thing in a wedding, especially if you meet the couple the same day . After some time, the booking confirmation email came and I really enjoyed it .
As time passed, anxiety was growing … Each destination wedding, especially in a place that you have not been before , is a challenge. Every couple who have not got acquainted also …
However , from the first moment on that Tuesday of September that I met the guys ,a day before the big event, I realized that everything will be perfect ..
I expect you to agree or not, seeing the pictures below….
If you reach the last one and you feel that you were a part of this wedding also, then everything went fine…. 🙂
Bwino & Kim, I wish you from the bottom of my heart to be always loved and in love as in the photos below, surrounded by people who love you so much, as the two wonderful days we spent together in beautiful Kefalonia.